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Southern Rock from North of the Border

Diana Catherine & The Thrusty Tweeters – The Spirit Ranch Sessions

Although in the title of this post I hung the Southern Rock label on Toronto’s Diana Catherine & The Thrusty Tweeters (I don’t name them folks), they are in fact much harder to pigeon-hole.  Recorded in Sarasota, Florida this melange of Americana, roots rock and gut bucket Blues was certainly influenced by Producer Bud Snyder who has recording credits with Southern Rock stalwarts Dickey Betts and The Allman Brothers.

The Spirit Ranch Sessions jumps styles from the rootsy guitar gambol of Walk to the alt.country tinged Blueberry Eyes to the roadhouse blues of Travelin’ Man and Lucinda.  Singer/guitarist Diana Catherine’s assured wail  moves easily from the soulful (Sober) to the sublime (Long Road) to the wistful Come With Me Baby).

The Thrusty Tweeters are an accomplished band with nary a misplaced note anywhere.  The band really shines though on the 70’s era Southern Rock influenced songs (Last Dance, Drifter).  The end of Drifter is especially reminiscent of the guitar army sounds of The Outlaws or Molly Hatchett.

I don’t particularly like to say bands sound like specific other bands but Diana Catherine & The Thrusty Tweeters certainly bring to mind Susan Tedeschi, Grace Potter and (insert your favorite Southern Rock band here). If you like any of these performers or musical styles you will not go wrong with The Spirit Ranch Sessions.

Yesterday I posted that Wendy Bird had produced the first great CD of the year.  Today I don’t hesitate to say that Diana Catherine & Company have produced great CD number two of the year.


Sober (is too hard to stay)

Long Road

Last Dance


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